Dixie States Principals


P: 760-208-6002
  • High power RF and microwave linear amplifier modules
  • High power broadband RF and microwave amplifier modules
  • High power pulsed RF and microwave amplifier modules
  • High power RF and microwave subsystems
  • High power RF and microwave systems

American Microwave Corporation

P: 301-662-4700

Anaren Microwave

P: 315-432-8909
  • Xinger hybrids, couplers, dividers and baluns
  • Array antenna beamformers
  • Multi-layer stripline assemblies
  • Digital IFMs and RF Memories

BSC Filters

P: +44-1904-438438
  • Waveguide filters, diplexers, multiplexers and transitions

Corning Gilbert

P: 800-651-8869
  • Blindmate push-on coaxial connectors
  • GPO, GPPO, G3PO, G4PO, GMS, SGMS, and multi-position blocks

Custom MMIC

P: 978-467-4290
  • Custom and standard MMICs
  • Amplifiers, switches, mixers, phase shifters, multipliers
  • GaAs, GaN, and InP pHEMT
  • Multi-function MMICs

Diamond Antenna

P: 978-486-0039
  • Coaxial and waveguide rotary joints
  • Roll Ring technology for rotating interfaces

Dow-Key Microwave 

P: 805-650-0260
  • Electromechanical RF/microwave switches
  • RF and fiber optic switching systems

K & L Microwave

P: 410-749-2424
  • RF/microwave filters and duplexers
  • RF/microwave integrated assemblies

Knowles Precision Devices

P: 315-655-8710
  • DiCap® single layer capacitors
  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors and capacitor assemblies
  • Custom thin film filters, bias networks, RF blocking networks
  • Broadband DC blocks
  • EMI suppression filters
  • Trimmer capacitors
  • Non-magnetic capacitors
  • High temperature detonator and pulse energy capacitors
  • Commercial, military, and space level capacitors

Marki Microwave

P: 408-778-4200
  • Mixers, broadband - low conversion loss, high linearity
  • Directional couplers and directional bridges - high directivity, low return loss
  • Power dividers and hybrid couplers - well balanced
  • Adapters, amplifiers, baluns, bias tees, multipliers, and equalizers
  • Custom high performance microwave components, MMICs
  • Frequencies from DC to 67 GHz
  • Surface mount, chip/die, and connectorized packages

MS Kennedy

P: 315-701-6751
  • Space and military analog microelectronic design, test, and manufacturing


P: 978-486-0582
  • Coaxial lightning surge arrestors
  • High current feedthrough filters for EMI filtering

Norden Millimeter

P: 530-642-9123
  • Products covering up to 110 GHz
  • Amplifiers, frequency multipliers, frequency converters
  • VCO’s and DRO’s
  • Transceivers
  • RF switches and switched filters
  • Custom integrated assemblies

Pole/Zero Corporation

P: 513-870-9060
  • Filters for mitigating self generated cosite interference


P: 603-624-8311
  • Manufacturing services from manual to fully automatic assembly
  • RF/microwave, military, space, medical devices, commercial wireless markets
  • Assembly of hybrid multi-function assemblies, discrete modules and components
  • PIN, beam lead, limiter, SRD, point contact and Schottky diodes
  • Bridge and ring quads, attenuator pads, spiral inductors, zero bias Schottky detectors

Southwest Microwave

P: 480-783-0201
  • RF/microwave and millimeter coaxial connectors
  • Adapters
  • Connector launch accessories

Teledyne Storm Microwave

P: 630-754-3300
  • Flexible and semi-rigid cable assemblies and products
  • Defense, Telecom, and Test & Measurement assemblies
  • Multi Channel Assemblies
  • Quick Connect Adapters

Wenzel Associates

P: 512-835-2038
  • Low phase noise crystal oscillators (XO, TCXO, OCXO)
  •  RF systems synthesizers
  • “Blue Top” Modules for RF system building blocks with amps, filters, multipliers, and dividers
  • Commercial, Military, and Space Grade components
  • Croven Crystals Precision Quartz crystals


P: 512-355-7115
  • Innovative “Modular Building Block System”
  • Models available for Online System Simulator
  • Optimize the engineering design experience
  • Make RF/microwave product development faster, easier, and lower cost