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Spartech-South Flyer Issue #79

Dielectric Labs is a leader in thin film ceramic filters covering 30 MHz to 67 GHz. These designs offer exceptional stability from -55°C to +125°C, Hi-K ceramics, excellent repeatability, and low CTE mismatch. Substrates can be RF shielded for surface mounting or metallized for chip and wire bonding.
Dielectric Labs incorporates low loss, high permittivity dielectric materials to provide small size and temperature stability. DLI offers a variety of metallization layers, integrated precision TaN resistors, narrow 0.5 mil features, laser vias and filled vias. RF testing and screening are available. Power dividers and couplers are standard.
     Frequency:  6-18 GHz
     Insertion Loss:   0.7 dB Typ.
     Amp Balance:   ±0.25 dB Max.
     Phase Balance:   ±3° Max.
     Size:   0.185 x 0.18 x 0.02 in.
     Frequency:  6-18 GHz
     Insertion Loss:  0.3 dB Typ.
     Isolation:  35 dB Typ.
     Return Loss:  15 dB Typ.
     Size:  0.1 x 0.08 x 0.02 in.
Dave Lupfer at Dielectric Labs invented the Single- Layer Capacitor in 1974. The Di-Cap® has become the world standard for reliable high performance ceramic capacitors. DLI serves the majority of the world market and is the undisputed leader in High-Q, high frequency Single-Layer Capacitors.