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Jerry Archbold formed Spartech Associates in 1969 with the idea that unrelenting service and customer support would lead to long term success. In 1972, Jerry hired a microwave engineer from Radiation Incorporated (now Harris Corp.), named Jim Morris, to expand the operation into Florida. Jerry is now retired and the company is called Spartech-South.

In 1991, Michael Wilson left Trak Microwave (now Smiths Interconnect) and opened the Spartech-South office in Tampa. Brian Jackson joined our team in 2007 to cover the Dixie States, and he is based in Atlanta. Then, in 2009, Scott Brooks joined Jim in the main Spartech-South office in Palm Bay. Scott is now the President of Spartech-South. Recently Robert Archacki joined the Spartech-South team and is based in Bradenton Florida.

The original concept of uncompromising service and close customer rapport has never been altered. These two elements, technical sales and service, have been the cornerstone of our success over the past 49 years.

All of our principals manufacture RF, microwave, and high frequency digital signal processing products. We work to develop close personal relationships with our principals and have represented many of them for well over a decade. We provide coverage in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi.

All offices are located in the “heart” of their respective business centers. We have a complete order entry, invoice, and commission accounting system, and maintain a website with links to all of our principal’s web sites. We believe in using technology as a force multiplier in our sales activities. To this end, we maintain a detailed customer list for direct mailing of catalogs, brochures, and application notes. We use our website and strategic Spartech-South Flyer emails to keep customers up to date on our principals. Our business is a “people” business and our offices are a conduit for the transfer of information.

While we like to think we do all of these “indirect” sales functions very well, we believe there is no substitute for direct, personal relationships with the customers. We are proud that our commitment to service and our product knowledge have allowed us to effectively serve our customer base for almost 50 years.

In summary, Spartech-South sales are based on a policy of integrity, dignity, and honesty.

Spartech-South has enjoyed year over year sales growth due to our aggressive promotion of the innovative products developed by our principals. We are focused on the military, space, and telecommunications business. We believe we have the strongest line card in the Southeast and an energetic group of people in the field. We remain optimistic about the future of the RF, microwave, and wireless business in the Southeast.

“Service is our Watchword”
Jerry Archbold - Founder


Jim Morris, Brian Jackson, Heather Duell, Michael Wilson, Scott Brooks  
Robert Archacki