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Push-on Interconnects

Frequency to 23 GHz
Pitch spacing: 0.321”

RFFrequency to 40 GHz
Pitch spacing: 0.170”

Frequency to 65 GHz
Pitch spacing: 0.140”

Frequency to 100GHz
Pitch spacing: 0.085”

Frequency to 60 GHz
Pitch spacing: 0.070”

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Engineering Tools and Application Notes

(Dielectric Labs Incorporated)

Surface mount components soldering, attachment, board type, chip-and-wire usage, packaging, handling, storage, and lifetime.

Custom MMIC
Standard Product Selection Guide

“Got PIM? How to get rid of it” – Paul Kruczkowski, Editor, RF Globalnet

Low PIM switches from Dow Key - Learn about PIM (Passive Intermodulation) and PIM testing of multiple high power signals as they encounter nonlinearities in transmission line systems.


(Dielectric Labs Incorporated) CapCad
- Capacitor modeling software allows you to dynamically retrieve S-Parameters, schematic representations, and Spice Models


(Dielectric Labs Incorporated) Capacitors for RF Applications
- Slide presentation to familiarize users with the basic properties of ceramic capacitors


Diamond Antenna Roll Rings - The next generation of slip rings for rotary joints